Emphasis on Swing Leg

— Use Repeated Stretch with resistance to facilitate anterior elevation of the pelvis on that side (O Fig. 12.19 d, e).

— Use Combination of Isotonics to facilitate hip flexion.

Weight Shifting

Use this activity both as a preliminary to stepping and to exercise specific motions in the lower extremity. Exaggerated weight shift forward or laterally exercises the hip hyperextension and lateral motions, knee stability, and ankle motion.

Start the weight shift activity by stabilizing the patient on one leg. Then resist as he or she shifts weight to the other leg. Using approximation and resistance, stabilize the patient in the new position. You can complete this exercise in one of two ways:

— By resisting eccentric contraction as the patient allows you to push him or her slowly back over the other leg.

— By resisting concentric contractions while the patient actively shifts weight to the other leg. In this case, you must move your hands to give resistance to the motion.

Weight Shift from Side to Side

— Stabilizing resistance with weight on both legs

— Resistance to sideways weight shift

— Approximation and resistance on weight-bearing side

— Resisted eccentric or concentric return:

- Eccentric: keep your hands positioned to resist the original weight shift.

- Concentric: move your hands to the opposite side of the pelvis; resist an antagonistic weight shift.

O Fig. 12.19. Standing on one leg. a, b Preparation of stance phase: knee stability

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