6. M. Risorius and M. Zygomaticus Major

Apply resistance to the corners of the mouth medially and slightly downward (caudally).

Command. "Purse your lips, whistle, say 'prunes', kiss."

Give resistance laterally and upward to the upper lip, laterally and downward to the lower lip.

8. M. Levator Labii Superioris (O Fig. 13.10) 10. M. Mentalis (O Fig. 13.11) Command. "Show your upper teeth." Command. "Wrinkle your chin."

Apply resistance to the upper lip, downward Apply resistance down and out at the chin. and medially.

9. M. Depressor Labii Inferioris

Command. "Show me your lower teeth"

Apply resistance upward and medially to the lower lip.

This muscle and the platysma work together.

Fig. 13.11a,b. Facilitation of m. mentalis

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