Patient Treatment

4.1 Evaluation - 40

4.1.1 Evaluation of Areas of Activities - 40

4.1.2 Evaluation of Areas of Impairments and Activity Limitations - 40

4.2 Hypothesis - 41

4.3 Tests for Causal Impairments and Activity Limitations - 41

4.4 Treatment Goals - 41

4.5 Treatment Planning and Treatment Design - 42

4.5.1 Specific Patient Needs - 42

4.5.2 Designing the Treatment - 42

4.5.3 Direct and indirect Treatment - 42

4.6 Assessment - 43

4.7 Re-Test for Causal Impairments and Activity Limitations - 44

4.8 Treatment Examples - 44

To make an exact evaluation we should use the ICF Model (International Classification of Function and Activity and Participation, WHO 2001).

— Body functions are the physiological functions of body systems (including psychological functions).

— Body structures are anatomical parts of the body such as organs, limbs, and their components.

— Impairments are problems in body function or structure such as a significant deviation or loss.

— Activity is the execution of a task or action by an individual.

— Participation is involvement in a life situation.

— Activity limitations are difficulties an individual may have in executing activities.

— Participation restrictions are problems an individual may experience in their involvement in life situations.

— Environmental factors make up the physical, social, and attitudinal environment in which people live and conduct their lives

Planning treatment is a systematic process to develop the most appropriate treatment for each patient (Sullivan et al. 1982). Our treatment seeks to help each patient gain the highest level of function possible.

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