14. M. Masseter Temporalis (O Fig. 13.15)

Command. "Close your mouth, bite."

Apply resistance to the lower jaw diagonally downward to the right and to the left. Resist in a straight direction if diagonal resistance disturbs the temporomandibular joint. Resistance to the neck extensor muscles reinforces active jaw closing.

15. M. Infrahyoid and M. Suprahyoid

Command. "Open your mouth."

Give resistance under the chin either diagonally or in a straight direction (7 Chapter 9). Resistance to the neck flexor muscles reinforces active jaw opening.

Fig. 13.16a,b. Facilitation of m. infrahyoidei and mm. suprahyoid

When exercising mouth opening and closing, the skull remains still, the mandible moves in relation to the skull.

16. M. Platysma (O Fig. 13.17) Command. "Pull your chin down."

Give resistance under the chin to prevent the mouth from opening.

Resistance may be diagonal or in a straight plane as in O Fig. 13.17.

Resisted neck flexion reinforces this muscle.

17. Intrinsic Eye Muscles

Eye motions are reinforced by resisted head and trunk motion in the desired direction.

To reinforce eye motion down and to the right, resist neck flexion to the right and ask the patient to look in that direction. To reinforce lateral eye motion resist full rotation of the head to that side and tell the patient to look to that side. Give the patient a definite target to look at with your command.

Example: "Tuck your head down (to the right) and look at your right knee."

Fig. 13.17. Exercising the platysma

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