Treatment Planning and Treatment Design

PNF uses muscle contractions to affect the body. If muscle contractions are not appropriate for the patient's condition or if their use does not achieve the desired goals, the therapist should use other methods. Modalities such as heat and cold, passive joint motion, and soft tissue mobilization may be combined with PNF for effective treatment.

Selection of the most effective treatment depends on the condition of the patient's muscles and joints and any existing medical problems. The therapist combines and modifies the procedures and the techniques to suit the needs of each patient. Treatment should be intensive, mobilizing the patient's reserves without resulting in pain or fatigue.

3. Increase strength, coordination, and control of motion

4. Develop a proper balance between motion and stability

5. Increase endurance

4.5.2 Designing the Treatment

The therapist designs a treatment to meet the patient's needs. Factors to be considered include:

1. Direct or indirect treatment

2. Appropriate activities

- Movement or stability

- What types of muscle contractions

3. The best position for the patient. Consider:

- The patient's comfort and security

- The effect of gravity

- The effect on two-joint muscles

- Progression of treatment

- Reflex facilitation

- Use of vision

- Closed chain or open chain muscle work

- Position to decrease spasticity

4. Techniques and procedures

5. Patterns and combinations of patterns

6. Functional and goal oriented tasks.

The treatment of the therapist should always be:

Goal oriented: all the activities are focussed on the treatment goal. Systematic: the treatment should be set up in a logical way.

Process oriented: all aspect of the treatment should be related to and influence each other.

Conscious: every application should be made with a specific treatment goal in mind and if necessary be adapted to it.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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