Biochemical Signaling Involved In Flowering

In the preceding sections we examined the influence of environmental conditions (such as temperature and day length) versus that of autonomous factors (such as age) on flowering. Although floral evocation occurs at the apical meristems of the shoots, some of the events that result in floral evocation are triggered by biochemical signals arriving at the apex from other parts of the plant, especially from the leaves. Mutants have been isolated that are deficient in the floral stimulus (see Web Topic 24.6).

In this section we will consider the nature of the biochemical signals arriving from the leaves and other parts of the plant in response to photoperiodic stimuli. Such signals may serve either as activators or as inhibitors of flowering. After years of investigation, no single substance has been identified as the universal floral stimulus, although certain hormones, such as gibberellins and ethylene, can induce flowering in some species. Hence, most current models of the floral stimulus are based on multiple factors.

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