Evidence for Antiflorigen Has Been Found in Some LDPs

Grafting studies have implicated transmissible inhibitors in flowering regulation as well. Such inhibitors have been called antiflorigen, but (like florigen) antiflorigen may consist of multiple compounds. For example, grafting an unin-duced leafy shoot from the LDP Nicotiana sylvestris onto the day-neutral tobacco cultivar Trapezond suppressed flowering in the day-neutral plant under short days but not long-day conditions (Figure 24.31). On the other hand, when an uninduced donor from the SDP Maryland Mammoth was grafted onto Trapezond, it had no effect on flowering in either short-day or long-day conditions. This and similar results suggest that the leaves of LDPs, but not SDPs, produce flowering inhibitors under noninductive conditions.

Similar studies in peas have led to the identification of several genetic loci that regulate steps in the biosynthetic pathways of both floral activators and floral inhibitors (see Web Topic 24.5).

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