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24.1 Contrasting the Characteristics of Juvenile and Adult Phases of English Ivy (Hedera helix) and Maize (Zea mays)

A table of juvenile vs. adult morphological characteristics is presented.

24.2 Regulation of Juvenility by the TEOPOD (TP) Genes in Maize

The genetic control of juvenility in maize is discussed.

24.3 Flowering of Juvenile Meristems Grafted to Adult Plants

The competence of juvenile meristems to flower can be tested in grafting experiments.

24.4 Characteristics of the Phase-Shifting Response in Circadian Rhythms

Petal movements in Kalenchoe have been used to study circadian rhythms.

24.5 Genes That Control Flowering Time

A discussion of genes that control different apects of flowering time is presented.

24.6 Support for the Role of Blue-Light Regulation of Circadian Rhythms

The role of ELF3 in mediating the effects of blue light on flowering time is discussed.

24.7 Regulation of Flowering in Canterbury Bell by Both Photoperiod and Vernalization

Short days acting on the leaf can substitute for vernalization at the shoot apex in Canterbury Bell.

24.8 Examples of Floral Induction by Gibberellins in Plants with Different Environmental Requirements for Flowering

A table of the effects of gibberellins on plants with different photoperiodic requirements.

24.9 The Different Effects of Two Different Gibberellins on Flowering (Spike Length) and Elongation (Stem Length)

GA1 and GA32 have different effects on flowering in Lolium.

24.10 The Influence of Cytokinins and Polyamines on Flowering

Other growth regulators beside gibberellins may participate in the flowering response.

24.11 The Contrasting Effects of Phytochromes A and B on Flowering

A brief discussion of the effects of phyA and phyB on flowering in Arabidopsis and other species.

24.12 A Gene That Regulates the Floral Stimulus in Maize

The INDETERMINATE 1 gene of maize regulates the transition to flowering and is expressed in young leaves.

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