Pressure epiphyses c

metaphyseal side of the plate is nourished by vessels from the shaft (M). In the tibia (I) the epiphysis is supplied by extra-articular vessels. Vessels to the femoral head (2) lie close to the joint space and epiphyseal plate (P). There is a variable (up to 25%) contribution from the ligamentum teres. Epiphyseal displacements may lead to avascular necrosis or growth arrest. The head of radius is similarly at risk. C = capsule. A = articular cartilage.

74. Pressure epiphyses (a): Pressure epiphyses are situated at the ends of the long bones and lake part in the articulations. The corresponding epiphyseal plates are responsible for longitudinal growth of the hone (circumferential growth is controlled by the periosteum). Note: (I) epiphysis. (2) epiphyseal plate. (3) metaphysis. (4) diaphysis.

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