Radiological Signs of Gastric Cancer

(jointly with O.V. Vyatchanin and G.A. Stashuk)

Introduction - 97 Traditional Radiological Signs - 102 Ultrasonographic Signs - 140 Computed-Tomography Signs - 149 Magnetic Resonance Signs - 169

OO Introduction

In this chapter we describe in detail the corrections that we feel are necessary in the current semiotic principles of traditional gastroenterology for gastric cancer. Traditional X-ray methods are still the main tools of gastric cancer diagnosis. We will compare ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging with X-ray technologies in the visualization of gastric cancer.

First of all, it is necessary to assess current views regarding so-called early gastric cancer. All current interpretations of the early gastric cancer concept, particularly the one based on the endoscopic classification of 1962, require verification. Nothing definitive can be said about early gastric cancer using radiological diagnosis alone. Likewise, this question cannot be answered using endoscopy. It becomes feasible only with microscopic examination of a resected stomach (D Fig. 46) [64].

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