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Serum uric acid

The metabolism of purine produces uric acid which is freely filtered at the glomerulus, thence there is about 90 proximal reabsorption of the filtered load. Serum levels fall by 25 in early pregnancy because of reduced tubular resorbtion but increase toward nonpregnant concentrations by term. In pre-eclampsia hyperuricemia is one of the earliest signs and correlates well with disease severity. Isolated results, however, should be interpreted cautiously in view of diurnal fluxes in serum levels, higher levels in multifetal pregnancies and the considerable interindividual variation in normotensive pregnancy. Serum uric acid levels are therefore of limited use in the initial diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. Once pre-eclampsia is definitely diagnosed, serial serum uric acid measurements are useful to monitor disease progression. Most investigators have found that there is a positive correlation between the degree of hyperuricemia and the severity of pre-eclampsia (Connon and Wadsworth, 1968...

Flows through the vessels surrounding the tubule because there will be a concentration gradient in the direction

Certain molecules, such as -aminohippuric acid (figure 3.18), a metabolite of -aminobenzoic acid are actively transported from the bloodstream into the tubules by a specific anion transport system. Organic anions and cations appear to be transported by separate transport systems located on the proximal convoluted tubule. Active transport is an energy requiring process and therefore may be inhibited by metabolic inhibitors, and there may be competitive inhibition between endogenous and foreign compounds. For example, the competitive inhibition of the active excretion of uric acid by compounds such as probenecid may precipitate gout.

Linkage of stage 1 and stage

Increased interaction of superoxide and nitric oxide resulting in the formation of the free radical, peroxynitrite, is indicated by increased nitrotyrosine staining in the placenta (Myatt et al., 1996). In addition, isoprostanes, lipid markers of oxidative stress, are increased in the placenta (Walsh et al., 2000) and decidual tissues (Staff et al., 1999a) of women with pre-eclampsia. Furthermore, the enzyme activity of xanthine oxidase is increased in the cytotrophoblast of women with pre-eclampsia (Many et al., 2000). This enzyme generates the reactive oxygen species, superoxide, and uric acid. Oxidative stress in the placenta can lead to the formation of stable oxidation products such as malondialdehyde or isoprostanes that could interact with endothelium systemically. In addition, there is evidence of activation of circulating blood products in pre-eclampsia. Neutrophils and monocytes could be activated by the oxidative stress as they pass through the intervillus space...

Management of women with medical conditions associated with an increased risk of preeclampsia

Women with underlying medical conditions associated with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia require increased antenatal surveillance. One of the clinical problems arising in these women is the difficulty of reaching a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia when some of the features (e.g. hypertension, proteinuria, thrombocytopenia) may be present pre-pregnancy or may develop as a complication of the underlying medical disease as well as features of pre-eclampsia. Therefore it is extremely important that such women are managed in specialized units by clinicians with expertise in the differential diagnosis of pre-eclampsia and worsening medical diseases. Baseline and serial assessments of blood pressure, proteinuria and renal function, liver function, uric acid and platelet counts are recommended.

Prediction of disease

Platelet consumption is one of the main pathological changes seen in developing pre-eclampsia (Redman et al., 1978). Changes in platelet size is seen prior to the clinical manifestations of the disease (Missfelder-Lobos et al., 2002 Walker et al., 1989). Similarly, uric acid rises in many cases of severe disease but it does not appear to be predictive before the disease is manifest (Ries et al., 2000) but is useful once clinical hypertension is present (Voto etal., 1988).

Xanthine Oxidase and Uricase Immobilization

Xanthine Oxidase

Process, different types of enzyme have been fixed onto textiles xanthine oxidase, which allows the chemical transformation of xanthine into uric acid, and uricase, which transforms uric acid into allantoin (see the reaction scheme shown in Fig. 15). The enzymatic transformation of xanthine into uric acid determined from the increase in the absorbance at 290 nm (production of uric acid) is shown in Fig. 16, for the different studied ion exchanging textiles. After having demonstrated the feasibility of this method for xanthine substrate removal, we have sophisticated the process by simply adding in the column another textile modified by uricase. Figure 17 represents the set-up used in a sequential bienzymatic process, which allows both the degradation of xanthine and of uric acid, which is the reaction product of the first enzyme reaction in the flow cell. Spectrophotometric measurements have been achieved at the exit column. Two different wavelengths have been used to demonstrate the...

Appendix Biography Of Isaac Newton

His old enemies, Hooke and Leibniz, had died. Catherine had married, and her husband, John Conduit, took over the management of the Mint. The Conduits and their daughter lived with Newton, and this daughter inherited all of Newton's papers. Her son was the Earl of Portsmouth, and Newton's papers are known as the Portsmouth Collection. Newton developed gout, and, on the way back from a meeting of the Royal Society, became ill and died on March 20, 1727. The inscription on his tomb reads, Let Mortals rejoice That there has existed such and so great AN ORNAMENT OF THE HUMAN RACE. Of his own place in history, Newton simply said, If I have seen farther . . ., it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Evidence of increased systemic free radical generation in preeclampsia

Pre Eclampsia Pics

In women with gestational hypertension, an increase in plasma uric acid concentration, a product of XO activity, was associated with raised XO enzyme activity in plasma (Nemeth et al., 2002). Elevated concentrations of uric acid in the blood of women with pre-eclampsia could therefore be an indirect marker of increased O2' production by XO, but may also reflect other mechanisms (Many et al., 1996).

Anticoagulants and solutions for red cell preservation

The addition of 'rejuvenating' agents or purine nucleosides (adenosine, inosine) to standard anticoagulant solutions has been shown to improve significantly the viability of red cells (e.g. CPD-AI). Adenosine is effective in restoring the ATP content of stored red cells, whereas inosine restores the 2,3-DPG content. Adenosine is potentially toxic, although rapidly deaminated to inosine in the circulation. Inosine catabolism can raise serum uric acid levels. Hence, neither compound is used in routine practice, but adenine has been found to have a beneficial effect similar to that of adenosine without its side-effects.

Xanthine Oxidasecatalyzed Nitrite Reduction

Xanthine oxidase (XO) is a ubiquitous enzyme in mammalian cells that plays important roles in both physiological and pathological conditions. It is involved in the catabolism of purine and pyrimidines, oxidizing hypoxanthine to xanthine and xanthine to uric acid. XO also reduces oxygen, to superoxide and hydrogen peroxide production, and is one of the key enzymes responsible for superoxide-mediated cellular injury.

Maternal antioxidant status in preeclampsia

The total peroxyl radical-trapping ability of plasma has been found to be higher in women with pre-eclampsia (Kharb, 2000c Uotila et al., 1994), unsurprising, perhaps, since this assay includes the antioxidant uric acid, which has frequently been reported to be raised (Chappell et al., 2002 Kharb, 2000c Many et al., 1996 Zusterzeel et al., 2002). As explained above, this may reflect increased XO activity with subsequent generation of O2', rather than an elevation of functional antioxidant capacity. The oxygen radical absor-bance capacity, based on direct quenching of free radicals (Cao and Prior, 1998), is reported to be unchanged in women with mild pre-eclampsia

Crystal Deposition Arthritides

Gout Uric acid (UA) is end product of purine catabolism and is renally excreted. location MTP of great toe ( podagra ), feet, ankles, knees occasionally polyarticular overlying skin is warm, tense, dusky red Pt may be febrile Chronic tophaceous gout chronic arthritis from tophus formation pain, joint erosion Renal uric acid stones urate nephropathy (interstitial deposits) Acute Treatment for Gout hypothyroidism, familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia, gout. Gitelman's syndrome. X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets, hemochromatosis gout except through synovial fluid exam for crystals location knees, wrists, and MCP joints pr cipitants surgery, trauma, or severe illness Acute therapy for pseudogout same as for gout, though colchicine not as effective

Watersoluble antioxidants

Antioxidant and is widely distributed in human tissues (Hayes and McLellan, 1999 Meister, 1988). Dietary-derived ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vital for species (including man) that cannot synthesize ascorbic acid, reduces reactive nitrogen species, ROS and also the a-tocopherol radical (Nordberg and Arner, 2001). Uric acid is generally considered as a waste product of the metabolic action of XO, but shows strong antioxidant capacity toward water-soluble free radicals and stabilizes ascorbic acid at physiological concentrations. However, uric acid is ineffective against lipid-soluble radicals and forms potent radicals when oxidized (Sevanian et al., 1991). Metal-binding proteins (e.g. trans-ferrin and ferritin) as well as heme-binding proteins (e.g. haptoglobin) are also important antioxidants (Krinsky, 1998).

Renal markers of preeclampsia

In pre-eclampsia both renal perfusion and glomerular filtration rate are decreased and plasma uric acid and urinary sodium are increased, whereas urinary calcium excretion is decreased due to increased tubular reabsorption. It has been suggested that these changes may be determined prior to clinical disease being manifest. Recent reports have shown limited utility of measurement of serum uric acid (Lim et al., 1998) and of urinary calcium creatinine ratios in early pregnancy (Izumi et al., 1997) as predictors of pre-eclampsia. The generation of vasodilatory kinins and stimulation of prostaglandin biosynthesis by renal kallik-rein may play a paracrine role in regulation of blood pressure. Excretion of active and inactive kallikrein in urine reflects renal production. An inactive urinary kallikrein creatinine ratio of 170 or less at 16 20 weeks gestation predicted nonprotein-uric or proteinuric pre-eclampsia with a sensitivity of 70 and a specificity of 86 (Millar et al., 1996),...

Wman5 Spaob

Reabsorption of various molecules can be affected by introducing drugs that specifically block transport through the tubular epithelium. Thiazide diuretics, for instance, block the reabsorption of sodium in the distal convoluted tubule sodium is then excreted along with water, which normally, for osmotic reasons, follows sodium passively. Probenecid inhibits the tubular reabsorption of urate and is used in the treatment of hyperuricemia in gout. Probenecid also inhibits the tubular secretion of penicillin and is used to maintain plasma levels of penicillin.


Thus, increased insulin resistance, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, and reduced HDL cholesterol are all present in pre-eclampsia. These have suggested a similarity between pre-eclampsia and later-life atherosclerosis (Roberts and Lain, 2002). Leptin and sympathetic output that increase fat mobilization are also increased in women with preeclampsia. As with the physiological changes, many of these differences can be demonstrated in very early pregnancy and can be detected years postpartum (Hubel etal., 1998 Laivuori etal., 1996, 1998, 2000 Lorentzen etal., 1994). Several of these alterations could be secondary to increased activation of the inflammatory response. Interestingly, these metabolic modifications all increase potential nutrient availability for the fetus.

Thyroid Lymphoma

The Ann Arbor classification is used to stage lymphoma. Over 90 of patients with primary lymphoma present with disease confined to the thyroid (stage IE) or limited to the thyroid and regional neck nodes (stage IIE). More widespread disease (stages III and IV) makes up the remainder, with affected sites including the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, lungs, or liver. Initial staging investigations (Figure 30.1) should therefore comprise a full blood count, serum biochemistry including thyroid function, lactate dehydrogenase and uric acid, CT scan of the neck thorax abdomen plus pelvis, and bone marrow aspirate plus trephine. Lactate dehydro-genase, uric acid, and antithyroid antibody titers (antimicrosomal) are often raised. CT imaging often demonstrates invasion of the trachea, retrosternal extension, or involvement of mediastinal lymph nodes.

Purine Oxidation

The oxidation of purines and purine derivatives is catalysed by xanthine oxidase. For example, the enzyme oxidizes hypoxanthine to xanthine and thence uric acid (figure 4.34). Xanthine oxidase also catalyses the oxidation of foreign compounds, such as the nitrogen heterocycle phthalazine (figure 4.35). This

Assessment of mother

Uric acid Uric acid 2SD is above 90, there is evidence of proteinuria, or signs of fetal compromise, further testing is carried out (Table 24.2). This consists of tests looking for changes associated with progressive pre-eclampsia, platelet count (Redman et al., 1978), uric acid (Redman et al., 1977) and abnormalities of liver function (Weinstein, 1982). None of these parameters should be taken in isolation and should be considered together. If there is any cause for concern (Table 24.3) admission should be arranged for continued monitoring and management decisions. Around 20 of those that attend ADU will be admitted but not necessarily on the first visit. The other 20 , plus any that return from the antenatal care service, are seen through the ADU for signs of progression. The frequency of visits will in general be determined on an individual basis but for women with stable disease the number of visits is likely to be once to twice per week. The development of proteinuria, increasing...

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