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Endocrine laboratory findings

Hyperglycemia Insulin resistance is increased in pregnancy as a result of the progressively increasing levels of multiple steroid hormones. While pre-eclampsia is more common in women with underlying microvascular diseases (including diabetes), hyperglycemia is not more common in pre-eclampsia per se. The finding of hyperglycemia in a pre-eclamptic woman requires an alternative explanation, the

Differential Timetables of Aging in Organs and Systems

Aging Organ Reproduction

Fasting blood sugar values are minimally affected by aging, with the exception of late-onset diabetes (insulin-resistant diabetes), where blood sugar levels are elevated (Chapter 13). However, even in the nondiabetic elderly, when blood sugar levels are tested under increased physiologic demand (e.g., a sugar load, as in the sugar tolerance test), the efficiency with which the organism is capable of maintaining levels within normal limits and the rapidity with which these levels return to normal are significantly reduced in old as compared to adults (Chapter 13). Other examples such as nerve conduction velocity, cardiac index (cardiac output min m2 of body), renal function (filtration rate, blood flow), and respiratory function (vital capacity, maximum breathing capacity) are less capable of withstanding stress in old compared to young individuals. An important general point, highly illustrated by the above examples, is that exposure to stress reveals age differences not otherwise...

Fetal Origins of Adult Disease

Fewer studies have explored the association of preterm birth and CVS disease in adulthood. Irving and colleagues (2000) investigated 61 young adults who had been born with low birth weights less than 2,000 grams at a mean age of 24 years and showed that those who were small because of prematurity were also at risk of hypertension, an adverse metabolic profile (higher plasma insulin triglyceride and total cholesterol levels and lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels) and hyperglycemia as adults. Among the preterm cohort, those who were small for gestational age were not measurably more disadvantaged than those who were average for gestational age. CIMT studies, however, were not performed. A study conducted in The Netherlands attempted to elucidate the effects of prenatal and infancy growth on the lipid and CIMT measures in a very preterm cohort at age 19 years (Martin et al 2006). Their findings support an effect of current body composition rather than early growth on CVD...

Whole Body Imaging in Oncology

Full Body Tomography

Minimum of 4 hours to insure serum glucose and endogenous serum insulin levels are low at the time of FDG administration. Typically patients are fasted overnight with no breakfast for morning appointments, and can have a light breakfast, but no subsequent lunch or snakes for afternoon appointments. Glucose competes with FDG for cellular uptake, and there is some evidence elevated serum glucose will lower observed FDG uptake in malignant neoplasms 33 . Equally significant, elevated serum insulin promotes FDG uptake in the liver and muscle. Hence a recent carbohydrate containing meal (even a snack) or administration of exogenous insulin in attempt to lower blood glucose levels prior to FDG administration can yield extensive muscle uptake (Fig. 13.7). Such muscle uptake will not preclude evaluation of centrally located abnormalities such as lung nodules or medi-astinal lymph nodes, but can potentially reduce con-spicuity of osseous and peripheral lymph node basin involvement and reduce...

Maternal predisposing factors

Hyperglycemia stimulates a systemic inflammatory response (Esposito et al., 2002) as does both type 1 (Lechleitner et al., 2000) and type 2 diabetes (Pickup et al., 2000). Type 2 diabetes is strongly associated with increased insulin resistance, chronic hypertension, disordered lipid regulation and obesity, which is Syndrome X (Ukkola and Bouchard, 2001), as described earlier in this chapter. Hence these various chronic conditions are strongly interrelated.

Peter G Rendell

Prospective memory serves an important function for older adults. Some prospective memory tasks help foster and maintain social relations, such as remembering to send a grandchild or a friend a birthday card. Other prospective memory tasks are necessary for normal maintenance, such as remembering to stop at the store for bread, remembering to pay utility bills when they are due, and remembering to turn off the oven. Many other tasks are central to the health needs of older adults, such as remembering to take medication (see McDaniel & Einstein, 2007) and remembering to monitor indexes of physical function (e.g., blood sugar levels Liu & Park, 2004). Accordingly, in the past 15 years, researchers have begun to focus on age-related changes in prospective memory.


Changes in blood sugar concentration can be caused by foreign compounds and this may involve a variety of mechanisms. Drugs such as tolbutamide, a sulphonylurea, are used therapeutically to lower blood sugar levels. Streptozotocin, which destroys the pancreatic (-cells which produce insulin, causes hyperglycaemia indirectly by reducing insulin levels. Hydrazine the industrial chemical causes first hyperglycaemia as a result of glycogen mobilization due to the hepatic effects, and then hypoglycaemia as glycogen stores are depleted and gluconeogenesis is inhibited. Similarly, salicylate poisoning causes first hyper- then hypoglycaemia as a result of mobilization of glycogen due to an increase in adrenaline followed by a depletion of available stores (see Chapter 7 for more details).

Insulin Gene Therapy

Insulin regulates the blood glucose level in mammals Under physiological conditions, the secretion of insulin from fi-cells is closely coordinated with the blood sugar level. An inability to deliver insulin for glucose homeostasis is manifested as diabetes mellitus The underlying basis for improper insulin delivery is either nonfunctional insulin secretory cells or defective regulation. Diabetes associated with damaged insulin producing cells is classified as type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), whereas type 2 diabetes is due to the relative insulin resistance of the insulin-sensitive tissues and defective secretion of insulin. The current focus of gene transfer technology for diabetes therapy is the development of engineered cell lines that would closely mimic glucose stimulated insulin secretion (42). The use of retroviral-medi-ated gene therapy of (3-cell dysfunction is also being envisioned (42,43). The challenge for insulin gene therapy is to restore the normal...

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