6 Spiral prominence. Prominentia spiralis. Marginal ridge projecting above the external spiral sulcus. It consists of connective tissue and contains a blood vessel. A

7 Vas prominens. The blood vessel in the spiral prominence. A

8 Stria vascularis. Broad, specialized band of highly vascularized stratified squamous epithelium above the spiral prominence. It is thought to secrete endolymph. A

9 Spiral ganglion of cochlea. Ganglion spirale cochlearis. Accumulation of bipolar ganglion cells in the spiral canal of the modiolus. The afferent, peripheral fibers of these cells arise from the hair cells; the central, efferent fibers form the cochlear branch of the vestibulo-cochlear nerve. C

10 Vessels of inner ear. Vasa auris internae. C

11 Labyrinthine artery. A. labyrinthina. It arises from the basilar artery in front of the anterior inferior cerebellar artery, passes through the internal acoustic meatus with the vestibulo-cochlear nerve and enters the petrous part of the temporal bone, where it ramifies and supplies the inner ear. C

12 Vestibular branches. Rami vestibulares. Branches supplying the ampullae, maculae semicircular ducts and the lower third of the basal turn of the cochlea. C

13 Cochlear branch. Ramus cochlearis. It passes into the modiolus where it supplies the spiral ganglion and the cochlear duct except for the lower third of the basal turn of the cochlea. C

14 Arterial glomeruli of cochlea. Glomeruli arteriosi cochleae. Spirally oriented arterial network accompanying the spiral vein. C

15 Labyrinthine veins. Vv. labyrinthinae. Companion veins of the labyrinthine artery. They pass through the internal acoustic meatus and open either into the inferior petrosal sinus or directly into the internal jugular vein. C

16 Spiral vein of modiolus. V. spiralis modioli. It takes a spiral course in the modiolus and empties into the labyrinthine vein. C

Vestibular veins. Vv. vestibulares. They arise from the semicircular ducts in the region of the utricle and saccule and drain partly into a labyrinthine vein, partly into the vein of the vestibular aqueduct. C

Vein of vestibular aqueduct. V. aqueductus vestibuli. Companion vein of endolymphatic duct. It opens into the inferior petrosal sinus. C Vein of cochlear aqueduct. V. aqueductus cochleae. Companion vein of perilymphatic duct. It carries blood from the basal turn of the cochlea through the cochlear canaliculus. C OSSEOUS LABYRINTH. Labyrinthus osseus. Bony capsule enclosing the membranous labyrinth. D

Vestibule. Vestibulum. Part of osseous labyrinth enclosing the utricle and saccule. D Spherical recess of vestibule. Recessus spheri-cus. Rounded recess in the medial wall of the vestibule. It is occupied by the saccule. D Elliptical recess of vestibule. Recessus ellipti-cus. Oval depression in the medial wall of the vestibule. It is occupied by the portion of the utricle between the posterior ampulla and common crus. D

Crest of vestibule. Crista vestibuli. Ridge between the spherical and elliptical recesses. D Pyramid of vestibule. Pyramis vestibuli. Upper broadened part of the crest of the vestibule. D

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