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division of the common carotid artery. A

9 EXTERNAL CAROTID ARTERY. A. carotis externa. It extends from the carotid bifurcation to its terminal division into the superficial temporal and maxillary arteries at the neck of the mandible. A

10 Superior thyroid artery. A. thyroidea superior. First branch of external carotid artery. It mainly supplies parts of the larynx and the thyroid gland. A

11 Infrahyoid branch. Ramus infrahyoideus. It courses along the hyoid bone and anastomoses with the branch from the opposite side. A

12 Sternocleidomastoid branch. Ramus sterno-cleidomastoideus. Branch that supplies the sternocleidomastoid muscle. A

13 Superior laryngeal artery. A. laryngea superior. It penetrates the thyrohyoid membrane and lies beneath the mucosa of the piriform recess. A

14 Cricothyroid branch. Ramus cricothyroideus. Branch that supplies the cricothyroid muscle and the interior of the larynx. It anastomoses with the branch from the opposite side. A

15 Anterior glandular branch. Ramus glandularis anterior. It mainly supplies the anterior portion of the thyroid gland. A

16 Posterior glandular branch. Ramus glandularis posterior. It mainly supplies the upper portion of the thyroid gland but also the posterior portion. A

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