A Lateral glandular branch Ramus glandularis

lateralis. It mainly supplies the lateral portion of the thyroid gland. A

17 Ascending pharyngeal artery. A. pharyngea ascendens. It arises from the posteroinferior aspect of the external carotid artery and passes between the pharynx and the musculature of the styloid process up to the base of the skull. A

18 Posterior meningeal artery. A. meningea posterior. Artery that lies lateral to the internal carotid artery and passes through the jugular foramen. It supplies the dura of the posterior cranial fossa. A

19 Pharyngeal branches. Rami pharyngeales. Branches that supply the wall of the pharynx. A

20 Inferior tympanic artery. A. tympanica inferior. It reaches the tympanic cavity through the tympanic canaliculus. A

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