21 Cavity of concha. Cavitas (cavum) conchalis. Main part of the concha located below the crus of the helix and behind the tragus. A

22 Antitragus. Small tubercle present on the inferior continuation of the anthelix and separated from the tragus by the intertragic incisure. A D

23 Tragus. Flat projection in front of the external opening of the acoustic canal. A

24 Anterior notch. Incisura anterior (auris). It lies between the tragus (supratragic tubercle) and the crus of the helix. A

25 Intertragic incisure. Incisura intertragica. Notch between tragus and antitragus. A D

26 Auricular [[Darwin's]] tubercle. [Tuberculum auriculare]. It is occasionally present on the anterior margin of the helix from which it extends posteroinferiorly. A

27 Apex of auricle. [Apex auricularis]. Outer margin of the auricular cartilage (helix) which, when present, projects backward, upward and outward. B

28 Posterior auricular sulcus. Sulcus auricularis posterior. Shallow indentation between the an-titragus and anthelix. A

29 Supratragic tubercle. [Tuberculum supratragi-cum]. Small tubercle occasionally present at the upper end of the tragus. A

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