A Posterior white commissure Commissura

alba posterior. Individual fibers crossing into the posterior gray commissure.

19 Anterior funiculus. Funiculus anterior. Mass of white matter between anterior root fibers, anterior horn and anterior median fissure. A C

20 Anterior fasciculi proprii. Fasciculi proprii anteriores. Lying directly on the gray matter, these bundles comprise longer and shorter fibers involved in connecting individual semgents of the spinal cord with one another. Reflex apparatus. C

21 Sulcomarginal fasciculus. Fasciculus sulcom-arginalis. Fibers of the reflex apparatus located at the anterior median fissure.

22 Anterior corticospinal (pyramidal) tract. Trac-tus corticospinalis (pyramidalis) anterior. Uncrossed portion of pyramidal tract lateral to the anterior median fissure. C

23 Vestibulospinal tract. Tractus vestibulospi-nalis. Fibers in the anterior funiculus for impulses from the vestibular organ. C

24 Reticulospinal tract. Tractus reticulospinalis. Arising from the reticular formation of the brain stem, it forms a nondefinable tract in the middle of the anterior funiculus and ends in the anterior horn. C

25 Anterior spinothalamic tract. Tractus sphino-thalamicus anterior. Fibers ascending to the thalamus for pressure and tactile sensation. C

26 Lateral funiculus. Funiculus lateralis. It lies between the anterior and posterior horns together with their root fibers. A C

27 Lateral fasciculi proprii. Fasciculi proprii laterales. Shorter fibers on the gray matter for connection with individual spinal cord segments. C

28 Lateral corticospinal (pyramidal) tract. Trac-tus corticospinalis [pyramidalis] lateralis. Situated in front of the posterior horn. It transmits conscious motor impulses. C

29 Rubrospinal tract. Tractus rubrospinalis [[Monakow]]. It passes from the red nucleus to the anterior horn cells and lies in front of the lateral corticospinal tract. C

30 Bulboreticulospinal tract. Tractus bulboreticu-lospinalis. A tract the existence of which is controversial in man.

31 Pontoreticulospinal tract. Tractus pontoreticu-lospinalis. Likewise, a controversial tract in man.

32 Tectospinal tract. Tractus tectospinalis. Fibers in the anterolateral region of the anterior funiculus from the tectal lamina. They cross into the brain stem and terminate in the anterior horns. C

33 Olivospinal tract. Tractus olivospinalis. Present only in the cervical cord, its fibers pass from the olive region to the anterior root fibers. C

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