A Sternocostal synchondrosis of the first rib

Synchondrosis sternocostalis costae primae.

27 Interchondral joints. Articulationes interchon-drales. Articulations between the costal cartilages, usually between those of ribs 6-9. See page 7 D

28 Costochondral joints. Articulationes costoch-ondrales. Unions between the bony and cartilaginous parts of ribs without an articular cavity.

Dens of axis with ligaments, posterior view

Atlanto-occipital articulation, posterior view

Ligaments between atlas, axis and occipital bone

Lig Spinosum

"D Ligaments of vertebral column and ribs, on right in cross section

Ligaments of vertebral column and ribs

Sternocostal articulations

1 SYNOVIAL JOINTS OF THE SKULL. Articulationes synoviales cranii. Cf. pp. 56.26,58.1,58.2 | 2 Temporomandibular joint. Articulatio tem-poromandibularis. AB C

3 Articular disc. Discus articularis. Biconcave disc of fibrous tissue and fibrocartilage positioned betweentheheadofthemandibleandthearticu-lar fossa. Since it is connected with the articular capsule on all sides, it divides the joint into two compartments, both of which are functional units ofthe discocapsular system. C

4 Lateral (temporomandibular) ligament. Lig. laterale. A strong fibrous band occasionally present on the lateral surface of the joint. It passes obliquely upward and forward from the neck of the mandible. A

5 Medialligament.Lig.mediale.Reinforcementof the medial wall of the capsule. B

6 Superior synovial membrane. Membrana syn-ovialis superior. Synovial lining of the superior articular cavity. C

7 Inferior synovial membrane. Membrana syn-ovialis inferior. Synovial lining of the inferior articular cavity. C

8 Sphenomandibular ligament. Lig. spheno-mandibulare.Flatligamentontheinneraspectof the mandibular ramus extending from the mandibular foramen to the spine of the sphenoid bone lateral to the foramen spinosum. B

9 Stylomandibular ligament. Lig. stylomandibu-lare. Ligament passing from the anterior surface of the styloid process to the angle of the mandible.AB

10 Pterygospinal ligament. Lig. pterygospinale. Broadconnectivetissuebandextendingfromthe upper part of the lateral plate of the pterygoid process to the spine of the sphenoid. B

11 Stylohyoid ligament. Lig. stylohyoideum. Ligament running between the styloid process and the lesser horn of the hyoid bone. Vestige of the second pharyngeal arch. B

12 JOINTS OF THE SHOULDER GIRDLE. Articula-tiones cinguli pectoralis. D E F G

13 Coracoacromial ligament. Lig. cora-coacromiale. Strong band extending from the coracoid process to the acromion. It forms the roofofthe shoulder joint. D

14 Superior transverse scapular ligament. Lig. transversum scapulae superius. Ligament lying medial to the coracoid process and bridging the scapular notch. D

15 Inferior transverse scapular ligament. [Lig. transversum scapulae inferius]. Weak fibrous band passing from the root of the spine of the scapula to the posterior margin of the glenoid cavity. F

16 Acromioclavicular joint. Articulatio acromio-clavicularis. Joint between the acromion and the clavicle. D

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