Abdominal Muscles Musculi abdominis

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2 M. rectus abdominis. o: Costal cartilages 5-7. i: Pubis and symphysis. A: Forward flexion of trunk, lowering of thorax, elevation of pelvis. I: Intercostal nerves 7-12. AE

3 Tendinous intersections. Intersectiones ten-dineae.The 3-4 intermediate tendons of the rectus abdominis muscle. They fuse with the anterior wall of the rectus sheath. A

4 Rectus sheath. Vagina m. recti abdominis. Covering of the rectus abdominis muscle formed by the aponeuroses of the flat abdominal muscles. A

5 Anteriorlayerofrectussheath.Laminaanterior.A

6 Posterior layer of rectus sheath. Lamina posterior. A

7 Arcuate line. Linea arcuata. Caudal end of the posterior layer ofthe rectus sheath. A

8 M. pyramidalis. Muscle enclosed within the splitanterior layerofthe rectus sheath. It passes from the pubis and symphysis to the linea alba. I: Subcostal nerve. A

9 External abdominal oblique muscle. M. ob-liquus externus abdominis. o: Outer surface of ribs 5-12. i: Iliac crest, rectus sheath, linea alba. A: Lowering of thorax, rotation of trunk, lateral flexion. I: Intercostal nerves 5-12. AB D

10 Inguinal ligament. Lig. inguinale (Arcus ingui-nalis). The lower edge of the external oblique aponeurosis. It passes from anterior superior iliac spine to the pubic tubercle. D E

11 Lacunar ligament. Lig. lacunare. Connective tissue fibers arching downward to the pubis at the medial attachment of the inguinal ligament. D

12 Pectineal ligament. Lig. pectineale. Continuation of the lacunar ligament along the pecten pubis. D

13 Reflected ligament. Lig. reflexum. Curved band of fibers passing upward from the medial attachment of the inguinal ligament and forming the medial lining ofthe superficial inguinal ring. D

14 Superficial inguinal ring. Anulus inguinalis su-perficialis. External opening of the inguinal canal. A D

15 Medial crus. Crusmediale.Groupoffibersofthe external oblique aponeurosis ascending obliquely medial to the superficial inguinal ring. D

16 Lateral crus. Cruslaterale.Groupoffibersofthe external oblique aponeurosis ascending lateral to the superficial inguinal ring. D

17 Intercrural fibers. Fibrae intercrurales. Curved fibers between the medial and lateral crura. D

18 Internal abdominal oblique muscle. M. ob-liquus internus abdominis. o: Thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest, inguinal ligament. i: Ribs 10-12 and rectus sheath. A: Lowering of ribs, forward and lateral flexion. I: Intercostal nerves 8-12, il-iohypogastric and ilio-inguinal nerves. AB

19 M. cremaster. Muscle fibers derived primarily from the internal oblique abdominal muscle. It invests the spermatic cord and elevates the testis. A

20 M. transversus abdominis. o: Inner surface of ribs 7- 12, thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest, inguinal ligament. i: Rectus sheath. I: Intercostal nerves 7-12, iliohypogastric, ilio-inguinal, genitofemoral nerves. A

21 Conjoined tendon. Falx inguinalis (tendo con-junctivus). Fibers arching from the aponeurosis ofthe transversus muscle into the pectineal ligament. A E

22 Linea alba. The white tendinous line (raphe) formed by the abdominal aponeuroses. It is situated between the right and left rectus abdom-inis muscles. A E

23 Umbilical ring. Anulus umbilicalis. Fibrous ring around the umbilicus in the linea alba. A

24 Adminiculum lineae albae. Inferior attach-mentofthe linea alba at the symphysis.AE

25 Suspensory ligament of penis (clitoris). Lig. suspensorium penis/clitoridis. It radiates from the pubis into the deep fascia of the penis (clitoris). A

26 Fundiform ligament of penis. Lig. fundiforme penis. Elastic band arising from the abdominal fascia and linea alba and extending sling-like onto the penis. A

27 Lumbar triangle. Trigonum lumbale. Weak area of the back bordered by the latissimus dorsi, external abdominal oblique m. and iliac crest. B

28 Transversalis fascia. Fascia transversalis. Fascia between the peritoneum and abdominal musculature. A E

29 Deep inguinal ring. Anulus inguinalis profundus. Inner inguinal ring at the transition of the transversalis fascia into the internal spermatic fascia. AE

30 Inguinal canal. Canalis inguinalis. Walls: Inguinal ligament, external oblique aponeurosis, internal oblique and transversus abdominis muscles, interfoveolar ligament. It contains the spermatic cord. E

31 Interfoveolar ligament. Lig. interfoveolare. Thickened portion of the transversalis fascia behind the inguinal canal. AE

32 M. quadratus lumborum. o: Iliac crest and processes of lumbar vertebrae. i: 12th rib, transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae. A: Lowers ribs, lateral flexion. 1:12th intercostal nerve, lumbar plexus. C

33 Linea semilunaris. Arched musculotendinous margin of the transversus abdominis muscle.

19 25 26 31 29 "A Abdominal muscles, anterior view
Are There Lymph Nodes Ribs

"D Inguinal region, anterior v

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