Anterior parietal peritoneum Peritoneum 30 parietale anterius

13 Median umbilical fold. Plica umbilicalis medi- 31 ana [[plica umbilicalis media]]. Fold passing from the apex of the urinary bladder to the umbilicus. It contains the remains of the ura-chus. A B 32

14 Supravesical fossa. Fossa supravesicalis. Shallow depression in front of the urinary bladder between the median and medial umbilical 33 folds. B

15 Medial umbilical fold. Plica umbilicalis medialis [[plica umbilicalis lateralis]]. Fold corresponding to the obliterated umbilical artery. It is located in the anterior abdominal wall between the median umbilical (obliterated ura-chus) and lateral umbilical (inferior epigastric artery) folds. A B

16 Medial inguinal fossa. Fossa inguinalis medialis. Depression lying opposite the external inguinal ring between the medial and lateral ubilical folds. B

17 Inguinal trigone. Trigonum inguinale. Triangular area between the lateral margin of the rec-tus abdominis, inguinal ligament and lateral umbilical fold (inferior epigastric artery). B

Lateral umbilical fold [epigastric fold]. Plica umbilicalis lateralis [[plica epigastrica]]. Peritoneal fold produced by the inferior epigastric artery. A B

Lateral inguinal fossa. Fossa inguinalis later-alis. Depression lateral to the lateral umbilical fold corresponding to the deep inguinal ring. B Transverse vesical fold. Plica vesicalis transversa. Peritoneal fold extending transversely over the moderately filled bladder. It disappears when the bladder is full. A Paravesical fossa. Fossa paravesicalis. Shallow depression lateral to the bladder. It is bounded laterally by the ductus deferens. B Urogenital peritoneum. Peritoneum urogenitale. Peritoneum of the reproductive organs. Vaginal process of peritoneum. [[Processus vaginalis peritonei]]. Finger-like diverticulum of the peritoneum that extends through the inguinal canal accompanying the descent of the testis.

Broad ligament of uterus. Lig. latum uteri. Peritoneal duplication between the uterus and lateral pelvic wall for transmission of vessels and nerves. A

Mesometrium. Portion of the broad ligament passing to the uterus. A Mesosalpinx. Mesentery of uterine tube. A Mesovarium. Mesentery of ovary. A Suspensory ligament of ovary. Lig. suspensorium ovarii. Ligament derived from the cranial gonadal fold; it suspends the ovary superiorly and contains the ovarian vessels. A Ovarian fossa. Fossa ovarica. Depression at the origin of the internal and external iliac arteries. Rectouterine fold. Plica rectouterina. Peritoneal fold between the rectum and uterus. A Rectouterine pouch [[pouch of Douglas]]. Ex-cavatio rectouterina. Deepest part of abdominal cavity between the rectum, uterus and the two rectouterine folds. A

Vesicouterine pouch. Excavatio vesicouterina. Peritoneal space between the uterus and bladder. A

Rectovesical pouch. Excavatio rectovesicalis. Deepest part of the abdominal cavity between the rectum and bladder in the male.

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