Arteries Of Lower Limb Arteriae membri inferioris

External iliac artery. A. iliaca externa. Second branch of the common iliac artery; it continues as the fermoral artery. A

Inferior epigastric artery. A. epigastrica inferior. It arises dorsal to the inguinal ligament and passes upward to the inner surface of the rectus abdominis. It produces the lateral umbilical fold and anastomoses with the superior epigastric artery. A B

Public branch. Ramus pubicus. Branch that supplies the pubis. A

Obturator branch. Ramus obturatorius. Branch anastomosing with the pubic branch of the obturator artery [[corona mortis]]. A Accessory obturator artery. [A. obturatoria acces-soria]. Obturator artery occasionally arising from the inferior epigastric artery. Cremasteric artery. A. cremasterica. Branch that supplies the cremaster muscle in the spermatic cord. It corresponds to the artery of the round ligament of the uterus.

Artery of round ligament of uterus. A. liga-menti teretis uteri. It supplies the connective tissue and smooth muscle of the round ligament. AC

Deep circumflex iliac artery. A. circumflexa iliaca profunda. Branch taking a curved course posterolaterally along the iliac crest beneath the transversalis fascia. A

Ascending branch. Ramus ascendens. It ascends between the transversus abdominis and internal abdominal oblique muscles to McBurney's point. It anastomoses with the iliolumbar artery. A Femoral artery. A. femoralis. It extends from the inguinal ligament to the popliteal artery, with which it is continuous. B Superficial epigastric artery. A epigastrica su-perficialis. It arises distal to the inguinal ligament and courses on the abdominal musculature toward the umbilicus. B

Superficial circumflex iliac artery. A. cir-cumflexa iliaca superficialis. It proceeds parallel to the inguinal ligament in the direction of the anterior superior iliac spine. B External pudendal arteries. Aa. pudendae ex-ternae. Usually paired arteries that supply the lower abdominal wall and the external genitalia. B Anterior scrotal branches. Rami scrotales anteriores. Branches that supply the scrotum. B Anterior labial branches. Rami labiales anteriores. They supply the labia. B Inguinal branches. Rami inguinales. Branches that supply the inguinal region. B

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