Articular System

1 SUTURES OF THE SKULL. Suturae cranii (craniales).

2 Coronal suture. Sutura coronalis. It lies between the frontal bone and the two parietal bones. A C D

3 Sagittal suture. Sutura sagittalis. The median suture situated between the right and left parietal bones. C

4 Lambdoidal suture. Sutura lamboidea. It is located between the occipital bone and the two parietal bones. A D

5 Occipitomastoid suture. Sutura occipitomas-toidea. Continuation of the lambdoidal suture that extends to the base of the skull. A D

6 Sphenofrontal suture. Sutura sphenofrontal. Smooth suture that extends flatly upward and backward lateral to the skull to join the greater wing of the sphenoid bone and the frontal bone. In the skull, it joins the frontal bone and the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone. A B D

7 Sphenoethmoidal suture. Sutura sphenoeth-moidalis. Short line in front of the jugum sphe-noidale that connects the body of the sphenoid and the ethmoid. D

8 Sphenosquamosal suture. Sutura sphenosqua-mosa. Line of junction between the squamous portion of the temporal bone and the greater wing of the sphenoid. A C D

9 Sphenoparietal suture. Sutura spheno-parietalis. Line of junction between the greater wingofthe sphenoid and the parietal bone. A CD

10 Squamous suture. Sutura squamosa. Line of junction between the squamous temporal and parietal bones. A C D

11 Frontal (metopic) suture. [Sutura frontalis (sutura metopical)]. Suture connecting the right and left halves of the frontal bone. It generally fuses within 2 to 3 years after birth, but persists in 7-8% of all Central Europeans. C

12 Parietomastoid suture. Sutura parietomas-toidea. Posterior suture connecting the parietal bone and the mastoid process of the temporal bone. A

13 Squamosomastoid suture. [Sutura squamo-somastoidea]. Line of junction between the squamous and mastoid portions of the temporal bone that generally fuses early in life. A

14 Frontonasal suture. Sutura frontonasalis. Anterior line of junction between the frontal and nasal bones. C

15 Frontoethmoidal suture. Sutura frontoeth-moidalis. Internal line of junction between the ethmoid and frontal bones. B D

16 Frontomaxillary suture. Sutura frontomaxil-laris. Suture lateral to the nasal bone that connects the nasal portion of the frontal bone and the frontal process ofthe maxilla. AB C

17 Frontolacrimal suture. Sutura frontolacrimalis. Line ofjunction between the frontal and lacrimal bones. A B C

18 Frontozygomatic suture. Sutura frontozygo-matica. Suture at the lateral margin of the orbit between the frontal and zygomatic bones. ABC

19 Zygomaticomaxillary suture. Sutura zygomat-icomaxillaris. Suture in the floor of the orbit connecting the zygomatic bone and the maxilla. AB C

20 Ethmoidomaxillary suture. Sutura ethmoi-domaxillaris. Suture in the medial wall of the orbit connecting the orbital plate of the ethmoid bone and the maxilla. B C

21 Ethmoidolacrimal suture. Sutura eth-moidolacrimalis. Suture in the medial wall of the orbit between the ethmoid and lacrimal bones. B

22 Sphenovomerine suture. Sutura sphenovomer-iana. Suture at the nasal septum connecting the sphenoid bone and the vomer.

23 Sphenozygomatic suture. Sutura sphenozygo-matica. Suture in the lateral wall of the orbit connecting the greater wing of the sphenoid and zy-gomatic bone. B C

24 Sphenomaxillary suture. Sutura sphenomaxil-laris. Inconstant suture connecting the ptery-goid process and the maxillae lateral to the palatine bone. A

25 Temporozygomatic suture. Sutura temporozy-gomatica. Suture connecting the zygomatic process of the temporal bone and the zygomatic bone on the lateral aspect of the zygomatic arch. A

26 Internasal suture. Sutura internasalis. Suture connecting the right and left nasal bones. C

27 Nasomaxillary suture. Sutura nasomaxillaris. Suture connecting the nasal bone and the frontal process of the maxilla. A C

28 Lacrimomaxillary suture. Sutura lacrimomax-illaris. Suture connecting the anterior margin of the lacrimal bone and the maxilla. AB C

29 Lacrimoconchal suture. Sutura lacrimo-conchalis. Suture within the nasal cavity connecting the lacrimal bone and the inferior nasal concha.

30 Intermaxillary suture. Sutura intermaxillaris. Mediallineofjunctionbetweentherightandleft maxillarybones,locatedjustbelowtheanterior nasal spine. C

31 Palatomaxillary suture. Sutura palatomaxil-laris. Line ofjunction between the palatine bone and the maxilla situated posteriorly in the orbit and on the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. B

32 Palatoethmoidal suture. Sutura palatoeth-moidalis. Suture in the back of the orbit connecting the palatine and ethmoid bones. B

33 Median palatine suture. Sutura palatina mediana. Suture within the oral cavity connecting both halves of the palatine bone. E

34 Transverse palatine suture. Sutura palatina transversa.Lineofjunctionbetweenthepalatine process of the maxilla and the palatine bone. E

Palatomaxillary SutureCranial Lymph Nodes

1 CRANIAL SYNCHONDROSES. Synchondroses cranii (craniales). Cartilaginous joints between skull bones. Most are temporary and become ossified.

I 2 Spheno-occipital synchondrosis. Synchondrosis spheno-occipitalis. Developmental cartilaginous joint postero-inferior to the sella tur-cica between the sphenoid and occipital bones. A

3 Sphenopetrosal synchondrosis. Synchondrosis sphenopetrosa. Cartilaginous union between the sphenoid and petrous bones in the lateral continuation of the foramen lacerum, for transmission of the lesser petrosal nerve. A

4 Petro-occipital synchondrosis. Synchondrosis petro-occipitalis. Anteromedial cartilaginous continuation of the jugular foramen. A

4a Intraoccipital synchondroses. Synchondroses intraoccipitalis. Cartilaginous joints between developmental parts ofthe occipital bone.

5 Posterior intraoccipital synchondrosis. [Synchondrosis intra-occipitalis posterior]. Developmental synchondrosis between the posterior and lateral ossific centers of the occipital bone. It usually disappears within 1-2 years after birth. A

6 Anterior intraoccipital synchondrosis. [Syn-chondrosis intra-occipitalis anterior]. Developmental cartilaginous joint between the anterior and lateral ossific centers of the occipital bone beginning at the anterior circumference of the foramen magnum. Disappears during the 6th yearoflife.A

7 Sphenoethmoidal synchondrosis. Synchon-drosis spheno-ethmoidalis. Cartilaginous precursor of the spheno-ethmoidal suture. See page 54.7.

8 JOINTS OF VERTEBRAL COLUMN. THORAX AND SKULL. Articulationes columnae verte-bralis. Thoracis et cranii. The connections of the vertebral column, thorax and skull.

9 Intervertebral symphysis. Symphysis inter-vertebralis. Union between adjacent vertebral bodies.

10 Intervertebral disc. Discus intervertebralis. An elastic plate consisting of ring-shaped fibrous lamellae, fibrocartilage, and a central gelatinous nucleus located on either side of a vertebral body, between the adjacent vertebrae. B C

11 Anulus fibrosus. Annular fibrous connection between adjacent vertebral bodies consisting of obliquely oriented connective tissue fibers arranged in alternating directions. B

12 Nucleus pulposus. Gelatinous, semifluid mass forming the central core of an intervertebral disc. B

13 Ligamenta flava. Yellow ligaments. Elastic networks of roughly parallel fibers between the vertebral arches. B

14 Zygapophysial joints. Articulationes zy-gapophysiales. Joints between articular processes of vertebrae. C

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