Axillary lymph nodes Nodi lymphatici axillares Nodes in the axilla C

17 Apical lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici apicales. Nodes medial to the axillary vein that extend from the upper margin of the prectoralis minor to the apex of the axilla. Afferent areas: upper lateral part of the breast and all remaining axillary lymph nodes. Efferents: (left) subclavian trunk to the thoracic duct or subclavian vein; (right) into the vein directly or after joining the jugular trunk. C

18 Brachial lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici brachiales. Nodes along the axillary artery that drain lymph from the arm. C

19 Subscapular lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici subscapulares. Nodes alongside the subscapu-lar artery that drain lymph from the posterior thorax and shoulder as well as from the lower nuchal region. C

20 Pectoral lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici pectorales. Nodes along the lateral margin of the pectoralis minor that drain lymph from the anterior and lateral wall of the trunk as far as the navel, as well as the central and lateral part of the breast. C

21 Central lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici centrales. Nodes in the fat of the axillar that filter lymph from the brachial, subscapular and pectoral lymph nodes. C

22 Interpectoral lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici interpectorales. Small group of nodes situated between the pectoralis major and minor. Afferent area: mammary gland. Efferents: apical lymph nodes. C

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