Stylomastoid artery. A. stylomastoidea. Slender companion artery of facial nerve. It courses with it through the stylomastoid foramen to the hiatus of the canal for the greater petrosal nerve, and then into the middle and inner ear. D

Posterior tympanic artery. A. tympanica posterior. It passes with the chorda tympani from the facial canal to the tympanic membrane. D Mastoid branches. Rami mastoidei. Branches of posterior tympanic artery that supply the mastoid cells. D

Stapedial branch. [Ramus stapedialis]. Slender branch that supplies the stapedial muscle. Auricular branch. Ramus auricularis. It supplies the posterior side of the pinna with perforating branches as well as the anterior side and the small auricular muscles. D Occipital branch. Ramus occipitalis. Branch that courses above the mastoid process and anastomoses with the occipital artery. D 28 a Parotid branch. Ramus parotideus. It supplies the parotid gland. D

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