B Lateral nasal branch Ramus lateralis nasi It

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supplies the base of the nasal ala. C

14 Angular artery. A. angularis. Terminal branch of facial artery. It anastomoses with the ophthalmic artery. C

15 Occipital artery. A. occipitalis. Second dorsal branch of external carotid artery. It passes medial to the mastoid process at the occiput and anastomoses with the superficial temporal, vertebral, deep cervical and posterior auricular arteries. C D

16 Mastoid branch of occipital artery. Ramus mastoideus. It passes through the mastoid foramen to the diploe and dura. It also supplies mastoid cells. C

17 Auricular branch of occipital artery. Ramus auricularis. It passes beneath the sternoclei-domastoid muscle and runs obliquely behind the pinna. C

18 Sternocleidomastoid branch. Ramus sterno-cleidomastoidei. Small branches of occipital artery that supply the sternocleidomastoid muscle. C

19 Meningeal branch. [Ramus meningeus]. Inconstant branch of the occipital artery that occasionally passes through the parietal foramen and supplies the dura mater. C

20 Occipital branches. Rami occipitales. Usually very tortuous branches of occipital artery that penetrate the trapezius and supply the occiput. C

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