Carotid triangle. Trigonum caroticum. Triangular region bounded by the sternocleidomastoid muscle, posterior belly of the digastric muscle and superior belly of the omohyoid muscle. A

Muscular (inferior carotid) triangle.

Trigonum musculare (omotracheale). Triangular region between the anterior median line of the neck, the anterior margin of the sternoclei-domastoid muscle and the superior belly of the omohyoid muscle. A

Submental (suprahyoid) triangle. Trigonum submentale. Triangle below the chin between the hyoid bone and the anterior belly of the digastric muscle on each side. A Sternocleidomastoid region. Regio sternoclei-domastoidea. Region overlying the sternoclei-domastoid muscle. A

Lesser supraclavicular fossa. Fossa supra-clavicularis minor. Triangular depression between the sternal and clavicular origins of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. A Posterior triangle of neck. Regio cervicalis lateralis (trigonum cervicale posterius). Triangle between the clavicle, anterior margin of the trapezius and posterior border of the ster-nocleidomastoid muscle. A Supraclavicular (omoclavicular, subclavian) triangle. Trigonum omoclaviculare (fossa su-praclavicular major) greater supraclavicular fossa. Triangle between the sternocleidomas-toid and omohyoid muscles and the clavicle. A Posterior region of the neck (nuchal region). Regio cervicalis posterior (regio nuchalis). B Pectoral regions. Regiones pectorales. Collective term for the various regions of the chest, which are described below. Presternal region. Regio presternalis. Area in front of the sternum. C

Infraclavicular fossa. Fossa infraclavicularis. Depression produced by the clavipectoral triangle. C

Clavipectoral triangle. Trigonum clavipec-torale. Triangle between the deltoid, pectoralis major and clavicle. C

Pectoral region. Regio pectoralis. Area on the pectoralis major muscle. C Mammary region. Regio mammaria. Region pertaining to the mammary gland. C Inframammary region. Regio inframammaria. Region below the mammary region. C Axillary region. Regio axillaris. C Axillary fossa. Fossa axillaris. C

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