1 Posterior median line. Linea mediana posterior. Vertical line through the median plane of the posterior trunk. B

2 Subcostal plane. Planum subcostale. Transverse plane through the lower edge of the 10th costal cartilage. C

3 Transpyloric plane. Planum transpyloricum. Horizontal plane transecting the trunk halfway between the upper margin of the pubic sym-physis and the upper margin of the manubrium sterni. C

4 Supracristal plane. Planum supracristale. Horizontal plane through the highest point of the iliac crest. It transects the vertebral column at the level of the spinous process of L4. C

5 Intertubercular plane. Planum intertubercu-lare. Transverse plane through the iliac tubercle. C

6 Interspinal plane. Planum interspinale. Transverse plane through the anterior superior iliac spine. C

7 Preaxillary line. Linea praeaxillaris.

8 Postaxillary line. Linea postaxillaris.

9 Head regions. Regiones capitis. The various anatomic regions of the head.

10 Frontal region. Regio frontalis. A

11 Parietal region. Regio parietalis. The region above the parietal bone. A B

12 Occipital region. Regio occipitalis. The region above the occipital bone. A B

13 Temporal region. Regio temporalis. The region above the temporal bone. A B

14 Facial regions. Regiones faciales. The various anatomic regions of the face. A

15 Orbital region. Regio orbitalis. Area involving the orbit. A

16 Nasal region. Regio nasalis. Region involving the nose. A

17 Oral region. Regio oralis. Area around the mouth. A

18 Mental region. Regio mentalis. Chin area. A

19 Infraorbital region. Regio infraorbitalis. Region below the orbit. A

20 Buccal region. Regio buccalis. Cheek area. A

21 Zygomatic region. Regio zygomatica. A

22 Cervical regions. Regiones cervicales. The various anatomic regions of the neck.

23 Anterior triangle of neck. Regio cervicalis

I anterior (trigonum cervicalis anterius). Region between the midline and the sternocleidomas-toid muscle.

24 Submandibular (digastric) triangle. Trigonum submandibulare. Region bounded by the inferior border of the mandible and the two bellies of the digastric muscle. A

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