20 Septal interventricular branches. Rami inter-ventriculares septales. Perforating branches for anterior 2/3 of interventricular septum. C

21 Circumflex branch. Ramus circumflexus. Branch coursing in left coronary groove as a continuation of left coronary artery. C D

22 Anastomotic atrial branch. Ramus atrialis anastomoticus. Branch of the circumflex branch of the LCA that supplies the atrial septum. It anastomoses with branches of the right coronary artery.

22 a Atrioventricular branches. Rami atrioventric-

ulares. Distal portion of circumflex branch in atrioventricular groove. D

23 Left marginal branch. Ramus marginalis sinister. Branch at outer margin of left ventricle. C

24 Intermediate atrial branch. Ramus atrialis in-termedius. Atrial branch on posterior side. D

25 Left posterior ventricular branch. Ramus posterior ventriculi sinistri. Inconstant branch on posterior side of left ventricle. D

26 Sinuatrial node branch. [Ramus nodi sinuatrialis]. Branch that frequently (45%) extends from beginning of left coronary artery to SA node. C

27 Atrioventricular node branch. [Ramus nodi atrioventricularis]. Branch that occasionally supplies the AV node.

27 a Atrial branches. Rami atriales. Branches to left atrium.

22a 25

Cardiovascular system anterior view

"D Cardiovascular system posterior view

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