Bones Of Skull




The letters printed after a text segment refer to the figures on the opposite page. The numbers in the figures correspond to the key word mentioned behind the corresponding number listed in the text.

Higher-ranking terms frequently are not represented by a number in the figures.

Fully valid alternative expressions are listed in parentheses. The following are listed in single square brackets:

— inconstant structures,

— terms that are unofficial but listed in the Nomina Anatomica,

— explanatory supplements. Terms not mentioned in the Nomina Anatomica are printed in double square brackets.

Terms representing a supplement to the older editions are marked by lower case letters. Circled numeric marks refer to a more extensive region.

Carpal bones (carpi)

[Sutural bones] [Pyramidal tract]

Splenium [of corpus callosum] [[Pouch of Douglas]]

3 a intervertebral surface of vertebra

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