Bones Of The Lower Limb Ossa membri inferioris

2 PELVIC GIRDLE. Cingulum membri inferioris (Cingulum pelvicum). It is composed of the sacrum and the two ilia.

3 HIP BONE. Os coxae (pelvicum). Bony structure comprised of the ilium, ischium and pubis. A B C

4 Obturator foramen. Foramen obturatum (ob-turatorium). Large opening between the pubis and ischium. A C

5 Acetabulum. Hip joint socket. Cavity formed by the ilium, ischium and pubis. A

6 Margin of the acetabulum. Limbus acetabuli (margo acetabularis). Margin interrupted by the acetabular notch. A

7 Acetabular fossa. Fossa acetabuli (acetabu-laris). Deeper part embraced by the lunate surface. A

8 Acetabular notch. Incisura acetabuli (acetabu-laris). Notch in the lunate surface of the acetabulum facing the obturator foramen and continuous with the acetabular fossa. A

9 Lunate surface. Facies lunata. Cartilage covered, sickle-shaped articular surface of the acetabulum. A

11 Body of the ilium. Corpus ossis ilii. The central portion of the ilium situated near the acetabulum. A B C

12 Supra-acetabular sulcus. Sulcus su-praacetabularis. Groove formed between the acetabular margin and the body of the ilium. A

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