4 Collum glandis. Neck ofglans. Constricted portion behind the corona. A

5 Prepuce (foreskin) of penis. Preputium penis. Double layer ofskin over the glans. A

6 Frenulum of prepuce. Frenulum preputii. Reflected fold passing from the prepuce to the underside of the glans. A

17 Raphe penis. Seam on the skin on the underside ofthe penis that forms during development. B

8 Corpus cavernosum penis. Cavernous body divided into two halves by the septum of the penis. AB D

9 Corpus spongiosum penis.Cavernousbodysur-

rounding the urethra. AB D

10 Bulb of penis. Bulbus penis. Posterior thickened end of the corpus spongiosum. D

11 Tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosa. Tunica albuginea corporum cavernosorum. Tough connective tissue covering of the corpora cavernosa. B

12 Tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum.

Tunica albuginea corporis spongiosi. Less firm connective tissue covering of the corpus spon-giosum. B

13 Septum of penis. Septum penis [[septum pec-tiniforme]]. Pectinate partition between the right and left corpus cavernosum. Gaps are present. B

14 Trabeculae corporum cavernosorum. Connec-tivetissuetractswithinthecorporacavernosain-terspersed with smooth muscle. A B D

15 Trabeculae corporis spongiosi. Connective tissue tracts within the corpus spongiosum interspersed with smooth muscle. B

16 Cavernae corporum cavernosorum. Wide-meshed, blood-filled spaces within the corpora cavernosa. B D

17 Cavernae corporis spongiosi Blood-filled, finely meshed spongy network within the corpus spongiosum. AB

18 Helicine arteries. Arteriae helicinae. Coiled branchesofthe deep artery of the penis. D

19 Cavernous veins. Vena cavernosae. Dilated veins in the cavernous bodies.

20 Superficial fascia of penis. Fascia penis superfi-cialis. Delicate subcutaneous fascia with individual smooth muscle fibers, continuous with the tunica dartos of the scrotum. B

21 Deep fascia of penis. Fascia penis profunda. Deeper, somewhat tougher fascia surrounding the three cavernous bodies. B

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