31 Anterior part. Pars anterior. It radiates into the area subcallosa and is part of the phylogenetic rhinencephalon. C

32 Posterior part. Pars posterior. Larger portion of anterior commisure that connects the two temporal lobes. C

33 Association neurofibers. Neurofibrae associa-tiones. Association fibers connecting adjacent or distant parts of the same side of the cerebrum. They form some of the above-named tracts, e. g., cingulum, superior longitudinal fasciculus, etc.

34 Commissural neurofibers. Neurofibrae commis-surales. They connect equivalent structures of contralateral hemispheres.

35 Projecting neurofibers. Neurofibrae projec-tiones. They form the longer tracts, e. g., pyramidal tract, optic and acoustic radiations, thalamic radiation.

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