Cavitas trigeminalis Cavum trigeminale

Outpocketing of the dura enclosing the trigemi-nal ganglion. C

30 Subdural space. Spatium subdurale. Capillary space between the dura and arachnoid. It may be distended, for example, due to hemorrhage. E

31 Spinal dura mater. Dura mater spinalis. It is separated from the wall of the vertebral canal by an epidural space. D

32 External filum terminale. Filum terminale ex-ternum (durale). Filamentous end of the dura mater fused with the filum terminale. It extends from S2-3 to Co 2.

33 Epidural space. Spatium epidurale (peridurale). Space between the spinal dura mater and the wall of the vertebral canal. It is filled with fat and venous plexuses. D

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