Cerebellar veins Vv cerebelli

19 Superior vein of vermis. V. superior vermis. Arises from the superior portion of the vermis and empties into the great or internal cerebral vein. C

20 Inferior vein of vermis. V. inferior vermis. Arises from the lower half of the vermises and opens into the straight sinus. C

21 Superior veins of cerebellum. Vv. superiores cerebelli. Arise mostly from the lateral hemispheres and usually open into the transverse sinus. A

22 Inferior veins of cerebellum. Vv. inferiores cerebelli. They usually arise from the inferior, lateral hemispheres and empty into the adjacent sinuses. C

23 Precentral cerebellar vein. V. praecentralis cerebelli. It originates between the lingula and central lobule and drains into the great cerebral vein. C

24 Petrosal vein. V. petrosa. It arises in the region ofthe flocculus, can be quite large and empties into the inferior or superior petrosal sinus. C

24a ORBITAL VEINS. Vv. orbitae.

25 Superior ophthalmic vein. V. ophthalmica superior. Begins medially above the eyeball with the nasofrontal vein and passes through the superior orbital fissure to the cavernous sinus. B

26 Nasofrontal vein. V. nasofrontalis. Connects superior ophthalmic vein and the union of the su-pratrochlear with the angular vein. B

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