Connective tissue capsule of spleen Tunica fibrosa B

15 Trabeculae of spleen. Trabeculae splenicae [lienales]. Connective tissue partitions penetrating into the spleen from the hilum and capsule and containing blood vessels. B

1 16 Splenic pulp. Pulpa splenica [lienalis]. It comprises white pulp (lymphoreticular tissue in form of arterial sheaths) and red pulp (venous sinuses with erythrocytes, reticular tissue). B

17 Splenic sinus. Sinus splenica [lienalis]. Thin-walled venous spaces with multiple anastomoses situated in the red pulp. B

18 Splenic [lienal] branches. Rami splenica [lien-ales]. Branches formed by the splenic artery before entering the spleen.

19 Penicilli. Brush-like arterial branches between the nodular arteries (in white pulp) and capillaries (or "sheathed capillaries"). B

20 Lymphatic nodules (follicles) of spleen. Foliculi lymphatici splenici [lienales] (lym-phonoduli splenici). Spherical or cylindrical aggregations of lymphoreticular tissue around an artery (Malpighian corpuscle). They are visible to the naked eye. B

21 ]NERVOUS SYSTEM. Systema nervosum.

22 MENINGES. Connective tissue sheaths surrounding the central nervous system: dura mater, arachnoid and pia mater.

23 Cranial dura mater [[Pachymeninx]]. Dura mater cranialis (encephali). Tough fibrous sheet forming a supporting capsule for the brain and at the same time forming the periosteum for the inner aspect of the skull. E

24 Falx cerebri. Sickle-shaped part of the dura projecting downward into the longitudinal cerebral fissure. C

25 Tentorium cerebelli. Dural sheet spreading out between the ridge of the petrous part of the temporal bone and the transverse sinus. It supports the occipital lobes. C

26 Tentorial notch. Incisura tentorii. Opening in the tentorium cerebelli for passage of the brainstem. C

27 Falx cerebelli. Small, sickle-shaped dural sheet between the right and left cerebellar hemispheres. C

28 Diaphragma sellae. Small horizontal sheet of dura spreading out between the clinoid processes above the hypophysis. C

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