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18 Gyrus fasciolaris. Convolution that passes around the splenium of the corpus callosum and forms a connection between the longitudinal striae, including the indusium griseum and dentate gyrus. B

19 Lamina terminalis. Thin walled, anterior border ofthe 3rdventricle. AB

20 Anterior commissure. Commissura anterior. Anterior, transverse connection between the right and left halves of the cerebrum. It lies behind the lamina terminalis and is visible in the most anterior segment of the 3rd ventricle. A

21 Fornix. Curved bundle of fibers that pass in both directions between the mamillary body and hippocampus. B

22 Crus of fornix. Crus. The posterior limb of the fornix that arises from the hippocampus as the hippocampal fimbria, circles around the pulvi-nar and unites with the contralateral limb to form the body ofthe fornix. B

23 Body of fornix. Corpus. Unparied middle part of fornix situated below the corpus callosum and formed by the union of both crura. B

24 Tenia. Taenia. Thin, lateral margin of the fornix that gives attachment to the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle. B

25 Column. Columna. Anterior part of the fornix located partly in the lateral wall of the 3rd ventricle. It extends as far as the mamillary body. B

26 Commissure. Commissura. Triangular connecting plate situated between the crura of the fornix below the posterior part of the corpus callo-sum. It contains fibers crossing from the hippo-campal fimbriae of both sides. B

27 Septum pellucidum (lucidum). Bilayered, thin plate extending between the corpus callosum and fornix. It separates the anterior horns ofthe lateral ventricles from one another. B

28 Cavity of septum pellucidum. Cavum septi pel-lucidi. Enclosed cavity of variable size between the two laminae of the septum pellucidum. B

29 Lamina of septum pellucidum. Lamina septi pellucidi. Paired sheet forming the septum pel-lucidum and the lateral wall of its cavity. B

30 Precommissural septum. Septum precommis-surale. Area on the free medial surface of the frontal lobe in front of the lamina terminalis.

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