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13 Left colic artery. A. colica sinistra. It passes ret-roperitoneally to the descending colon. B Sigmoid arteries. Aa. sigmoidea. They pass obliquely downward to the sigmoid colon. B Superior rectal artery. A. rectalis superior. It passes behind the rectum into the lesser pelvis and divides into right and left branches which, after penetrating the musculature, supply mainly the mucosa up to the anal valves. B Middle suprarenal artery. A. suprarenalis (adrenalis) media. It originates directly from the aorta and supplies the suprarenal gland. C Renal artery. A. renalis. It arises from the aorta in front of L1 and divides into several branches which enter the kidney. C D 17 a Capsular arteries. Aa. capsulares (perirenales). C

Inferior suprarenal artery. A. suprarenalis inferior. Artery to the suprarenal gland. C Anterior branch. Ramus anterior. It supplies the upper, anterior and lower segments of the kidney. C D

Superior segmental artery. A. segmenti su-perioris. It supplies the upper segment of the kidney as far as the posterior surface. C Superior anterior segmental artery. A. segmenti anterioris superioris. It supplies the superior anterior segment of the kidney. C Inferior anterior segmental artery. A. segmenti anterioris inferioris. It supplies the inferior anterior segment of the kidney. C Inferior segmental artery. A. segmenti inferi-oris. It supplies the lower segment of the kidney extending up to the posterior surface. C Posterior branch. Ramus posterior. It supplies the larger posterior segment of the kidney. C D Posteriorsegmental artery. A. segmenti post-erioris. It supplies the posterior segment of the kidney. D

Ureteric branches. Rami ureterici. Small branches that supply the ureter. C

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