Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

15 Intertransverse ligaments. Ligg. intertransver-saria. Narrow ligaments between transverse processes of vertebrae. C

16 Interspinal ligaments. Ligg. interspinalia. Broad ligaments between adjacent spinous processes. B

17 Supraspinal ligaments. Ligg. supraspinalia. Longitudinal ligaments connecting the tips of the spinous processes. C

18 Ligamentum nuchae. Sagittal extension of the supraspinal ligaments in the upper neck region. B

19 Anterior longitudinal ligament. Lig. longitudinale anterius. Longitudinal ligament attached to the ventral surface of the vertebral bodies. B

20 Posterior longitudinal ligament. Lig. longitudinale posterius. Longitudinal ligament connecting the intervertebral discs. It is attached to the dorsal surface of the vertebral bodies and thus lies on the anterior wall ofthe vertebral canal. It fuses with the tectorial membrane from the 3rd cervical vertebrae upward. B

21 Sacrococcygeal joint. Articulatio sacrococcy-gea. Connection between the sacrum and coccyx; it is frequently a true joint, but often occurs as a synchondrosis. D

22 Superficial dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament. Lig. sacrococcygeumposterius (dorsale) superfi-ciale. D

23 Deep dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament. Lig. sacrococcygeum posterius (dorsale) profun-dum. D

24 Ventral sacrococcygeal ligament. Lig. sacro-coccygeumanterius (ventrale).

25 Lateral sacrococcygeal ligament. Lig. sacro-coccygeum laterale. D

26 Atlanto-occipital joint. Articulatio atlanto-occipitalis.Joint between the atlas and the occipital bone. See page 59 AB

27 Anterior atlanto-occipital membrane. Membrana atlanto-occipitalis anterior. Membranous connection between the arch of the atlas and the occipital bone. It lies in front of the apical ligament ofthe dens. B

28 Anterior atlanto-occipital ligament. [Lig. atlanto-occipitale anterius]. Thickened portion of the atlanto-occipital membrane emanating from the anterior tubercle.

29 Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane. Membrana atlanto-occipitalis posterior. Connection between the arch of the atlas and the occipital bone situated in the posterior wall ofthe vertebral canal. B

30 Lateral atlanto-occipital membrane. Lig. atlanto-occipitale laterale. Oblique tract of fibers extending from the transverse process of the atlas to thejugular process of the occipital bone.

"A Skull of newborn, inferior view

Ligaments of vertebral column and ribs, lateral view

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