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14 Lemniscus medialis. Decussating connection between nuclei of posterior funiculus and thalamus. B C D

15 Spinal lemniscus. Lemniscus spinalis. Segment of spinothalamic tract lodging in the midbrain adjacent to the medial lemniscus. D

16 Trigeminal lemniscus. Lemniscus trigeminalis. Crossing fiber tract between the sensory nuclei of the trigeminal and the thalamus. It also lies in the vicinity of the medial lemniscus.

17 Mesencephalic tectum. Tectum mesencephali-cum. Part of midbrain located dorsal to the above-mentioned plane through the cerebral aqueduct. B C

18 Tectal lamina. Lamina tectalis [[quad-rigemina]]. Quadrigeminal plate. A

19 Nucleus of inferior colliculus. Nucleus colliculi inferioris. Nucleus connecting the auditory tract with the extrapyramidal system. C

20 Brachium of inferior colliculus. Brachium col-liculi inferioris. Connecting arm between the inferior colliculus and medial geniculate body. A

21 Commissure of inferior colliculus. Commis-sura colliculorum inferiorum. Connection between the right and left inferior colliculi which also receives fibers from the lateral lemniscus of the opposite side. C

22 Gray and white layers of superior colliculus. Strata [grisea et alba] colliculi superioris. Gray matter and white matter surrounding the superior colliculus. B

23 Brachium of superior colliculus. Brachium col-liculi superioris. Connection between the superior colliculus and lateral geniculate body. A

24 Commissure of superior colliculus. Commis-sura colliculorum superiorum. Connection between the right and left superior colliculi. B

25 Decussation of trochlear nerve. Decussatio trochlearis (d. nervorum trochlearium). Fibers of trochlear nerve crossing in the white matter. D

26 Central tegmental tract. Tractus tegmentalis centralis. Tract passing to the olive, thought to partially arise from the thalamus. B D

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