Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

1 iDIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Apparatus digestorius (systema alimentarium).

2 ORAL CAVITY. Cavitas oris,

3 Vestibule of mouth. Vestibulum oris. Space between the rows of teeth and the lips or cheeks, B C

4 Oral fissure. Rima oris. Mouth opening between the lips. A

5 Lips. Labia oris.

16 Upper lip. Labium superius. ABC

7 Philtrum. Groove extending from nasal septum to upper lip. A

8 Tuberculum. Small eminence on upper lip marking end of philtrum. A

9 Lower lip. Labium inferius. ABC

10 Commissure of lips. Commissura labiorum. Transition of upper lip into lower lip at the angle of the mouth. A B

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