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14 Cervical enlargement. Intumescentia cervi-calis. Enlargement ofthe spinal cord from C3 to T2 owing to the larger supply region for the arms. D

15 Lumbosacral enlargement. Intumescentia lumbosacralis. Expansion of the spinal cord from T9-10 to L1-2 caused by the greater supply region for the lower limbs. D

16 Conus medullaris. Tapered termination of the spinal cord at the level of L1-2 where it becomes continuous with the filum terminale. D

17 Filum terminale (spinale). Thin terminal prolongation of spinal cord attached inferiorly to the posterior surface of the coccyx. D E

18 Terminal ventricle. Ventriculus terminalis. Enlargement of the central canal at the end of the conus medullaris. E

19 Anterior median fissure. Fissura mediana anterior. Deep longitudinal fissure along the anterior aspect of the spinal cord. F

20 Posterior median sulcus. Sulcus medianus posterior. Median longitudinal groove between the right and left posterior funiculi. F

21 Posterior median septum. Septum medi-anum posterius. Thickening of the sub-arachnoid connective tissue within the posterior median sulcus, less in the cervical region, more in the thoracic segment. F

22 Anterolateral sulcus. Sulcus anterolateralis. Shallow furrow occasionally present at the exit of the ventral root fibers. F

23 Posterolateral sulcus. Sulcus posterolateralis. Longitudinal groove external to the boundary between the lateral and posterior funiculi. It marks the site of entry of the dorsal spinal nerve roots. F

24 Posterior intermediate sulcus. Sulcus inter-medius posterior. Shallow longitudinal fissure on both sides of the median sulcus. Externally it marks the boundary between the funiculi gracilis and cuneatus. F

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