Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

12 a Subendocardial rami. Rami subendocardiales.

Superficial branches ofthe impulse-conducting system (Purkinje fibers). D

13 Endocardium. Internal serous lining of the heart containing simple squamous epithelium (endothelium).

14 Right atrium. Atrium dextrum. A D

15 Pectinate muscles. Mm. pectinati. Muscular bundle in the right atrium emanating from the terminal crest. They resemble the teeth of a comb. A

16 Sulcus terminalis. Terminal groove. Visible at the border between the embryonic sinus veno-sus and the atrium proper. It surrounds the opening regions of both venae cavae. D

17 Terminal crest. Crista terminalis. Curved muscular ridge in the interior of the right atrium at the border between the atrium proper and the embryonic sinus venosus. It marks the course of the sulcus terminalis. A

18 Sinus venarum cavarum. Smooth-walled space for blood from both venae cavae. It is bounded by the terminal crest. A

19 Fossa ovalis. Depression in the interatrial septum caused by the fetal foramen ovale. A

20 Limbus fossae ovalis. Slightly raised margin of the fossa ovalis. A

21 [Foramen ovale]. Embryological opening in the interatrial septum that is present until birth.

22 Right auricle. Auricula dextra. Diverticulum of right atrium. A

23 Opening of superior vena cava. Ostium venae cavae superioris. A

24 Opening of inferior vena cava. Ostium venae cavae inferioris. A

25 Intervenous tubercle. Tuberculum interveno-sum. Small elevation on the lateral wall of the right atrium between the openings of the venae cavae. A

26 Valve of inferior vena cava. Valvula venae cavae inferioris [[valvula Eustachii]]. Semilunar fold at the opening of the inferior vena cava. During fetal life it directs the blood into the foramen ovale. A

27 Valve of coronary sinus. Valvula sinus coronarii [[valvula Thebesii]]. Semilunar fold at the opening of the coronary sinus. A

27 a Opening of the coronary sinus. Ostium sinus coronarii. A

28 Foramina venarum minimarum. Numerous openings of small veins [vv. Thebesii minimae] which convey blood from the tissues of the heart directly into the right atrium or other heart spaces. A

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