Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

17 Staight sinus. Sinus rectus. It begins at the confluence of the great cerebral vein and the inferior sagittal sinus and passes to the confluence ofthe sinuses via the root of the falx verebri at its junction with the tentorium cerebelli. C

18 Inferior petrosal sinus. Sinus petrosus inferior. It runs from the cavernous sinus to the jugular foramen along the posterior, lower margin of the petrous part of the temporal bone. B

19 Labyrinthine veins. Vv. labyrinthales. Branches emanating from the internal acoustic meatus and entering the inferior petrosal sinus. C; cf. p. 374.15

20 Superior petrosal sinus. Sinus petrosus superior. It passes from the cavernous sinus to the sig-moid sinus along the upper margin of the petrous temporal. B

21 Cavernous sinus. Sinus cavernosum. Spongy venous space on both sides of the sella turcica into which the ophthalmic veins and others open. Within it lies the carotid artery and cranial nerve VI, its lateral walls housing cranial nerves III, IV and the opthalmic and maxillary divisions of V. B

22 Intercavernous sinus. Sinus intercavernosi. Connections between the right and left cabvernous sinus in front of and behind the hypophysis. B

23 Sphenoparietal sinus. Sinus sphenoparietalis. Blood channel passing beneath the lesser wing of the sphenoid to enter the cavernous sinus. B

24 Diploic veins. Vv. deploicae. Veins situated in the diploe of the calvaria. They drain the blood from the dura and roof of the skull and communicate with the dural sinuses as well as the superficial cranial veins.

25 Frontal diploic vein. V. diploica frontalis. Diploic vein running near the midline and opening into the supraorbital vein and the superior sagittal sinus. A

26 Anterior temporal diploic vein. V. diploica temporalis anterior. Anteriorly situated diploic vein opening into the deep temporal vein and the sphenoparietal sinus. A

27 Posterior temporal diploic vein. V. diploica temporalis posterior. Posteriorly situated di-ploic vein opening into the posterior auricular vein and the transverse sinus. A

28 Occipital diploic vein. V. diploica occipitalis. Most posterior diploic vein opening into the occipital vein and the transverse sinus. A

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