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20 Posterior interventricular vein. V. inter-ventricularis posterior. It runs in the posterior interventricular groove and opens into the coronary sinus. B 20 a Right marginal vein. V. marginalis dextra. It lies at the outer margin of the right ventricle. B 20 b Right coronary vein. V. coronaria dextra. Accessory vein (32% of the cases) in the right coronary groove.

Small cardiac vein. V. cardiaca parva. Emerges from the right margin of the heart and the right coronary groove to empty into the coronary sinus. B

Anterior vein of right ventricle. V. ventriculi dextri anterior. One to three small veins in the right anterior wall. It opens either into the small cardiac vein or directly into the right atrium. B

Smallest cardiac. [[thebesian]] veins. Vv. cardi-acae minimae [[Thebesii]]. Small veins opening directly into the cavities of the heart, especially that of the right atrium. Right and left atrial veins. Vv. atriales dextrae et sinistrae. Small branches from the atrial walls. B

Ventricular veins. Vv. ventriculares. Small branches from the walls of the ventricles. B Atrioventricular veins. Vv. atrioventriculares. Small veins from the atrioventricular borders. B SUPERIOR VENA CAVA. Vena cava superior. C RIGHT AND LEFT BRACHIOCEPHALIC VEINS. Vv. brachiocephalicae [dextra at sinistra]. Formed by the union of the internal jugular and sub-clavian veins on each side. They, in turn, unite to form the superior vena cava. C Inferior thyroid veins. Vv. thyroideae inferiores. Veins passing into the left brachiocephalic vein, sometimes also the right, from the thy-roideus impar plexus located below the thyroid gland. C

Plexus thyroideus impar. Venous plexus in front of the trachea below the caudal margin of the thyroid gland. C

Inferior laryngeal vein. V. laryngea inferior. It passes from the larynx into the throideus impar plexus. C

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