Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

17 Nerve to lateral pterygoid. N. pterygoideus lateralis. Motor nerve for the corresponding muscle. It frequently arises together with the buccal nerve. A

18 Nerve to medial pterygoid. N. pterygoideus medialis. Motor nerve for the corresponding muscle. It also sends small twigs to the tensor veli palatini and tensor tympani muscles. A

19 Otic ganglion. Ganglion oticum. Parasympa-thetic ganglion located medial to the mandibular nerve below the foramen ovale. It receives tributaries from the glossopharyngeal nerve via the lesser petrosal nerve and sends secretory fibers to the parotid gland. B

20 Ramus communicans [cum nervo ptery-goideo mediali]. Branch which communicates with the nerve to the medial pterygoid muscle. B

21 Nerve to tensor veli palatini muscle. N.

musculi tensoris veli palatini. It sometimes arises from the nerve to the medial pterygoid muscle. B

22 Nerve to tensor tympani muscle. N. musculi tensoris tympani. It also sometimes arises from the nerve to the medial pterygoid muscle. B

23 Buccal nerve. N. buccalis. Sensory nerve for the skin and mucosa of the cheek and the buccal gingiva in the region of the first molar. A

24 Auriculotemporal nerve. N. auriculotemporal. It usually encircles the middle mening-eal artery, sends a small branch to the temporo-mandibular joint and then passes upward between the ear and superficial temporal artery to the skin of the temporal region. A

25 Nerve to external acoustic meatus. N. mea-tus acustici externi. Usually two small branches for the skin of the external acoustic meatus. A

26 Fine branches to the tympanic membrane. Rami membranae tympani. A

27 Parotid branches. Rami parotidei. Small branches supplying the parotid gland. A

28 Branches communicating with the facial nerve. Rami communicantes [cum n. faciali]. They carry parasympathetic fibers from the otic ganglion to the parotid gland via the facial nerve. A

29 Anterior auricular nerves. Nn. auriculares anteriores. They supply the anterior surface of the pinna. A

30 Superficial temporal rami. Rami temporales superficialis. Branches supplying the skin ofthe temporal region in front of and above the ear. A

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