Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

16 METATARSUS. The part of the foot situated between the tarsus and the toes. It comprises five metatarsal bones. C D

17 METATARSAL BONES. Ossa metatarsi (metatar-salia) [I-V]. The five metatarsal bones. D

18 Base of metatarsal bone. Basis metatarsalis. The thickened proximal end of the metatarsal bones. D

19 Shaft of metatarsal bone. Corpus metatarsale. D

20 Head of metatarsal bone. Caput metatarsale. C D

21 Tuberosity of first metatarsal. Tuberositas ossis metatarsalis primi (I). Protuberance projecting downward and laterally from the proximal part of the first metatarsal bone. D

22 Tuberosity of fifth metatarsal. Tuberositas ossis metatarsalis quinti (V). Protuberance projecting laterally from the proximal part of the fifth metatarsal bone. Attachment site of the peroneus brevis muscle. C D

23 PHALANGES OF TOES. Ossa digitorum pedis. C D

24 PHALANGES. Osseous segments or bones that comprise the toes. C D

25 Proximal phalanx. Phalanx proximalis. First or proximal phalanx of the toes. D

26 Middle phalanx. Phalanx media. Middle segment of the toes. D

27 Distal phalanx. Phalanx distalis. Distal or terminal nail-bearing bone of the toe. D

28 Distal tuberosity of toes. Tuberositas phalan-gis distalis. Roughened area located on the plantar aspect of the distal end of the distal phalanx for attachment of the tactile pads. D

29 Base of phalanx. Basis phalangis. Proximal end of each phalanx with an acetabular articular surface. D

30 Shaft of phalanx. Corpus phalangis. D

31 Head of phalanx. Caput phalangis. Distal, articular end of the phalanx. D

32 Sesamoid bones. Ossa sesamoidea. Wormian bones embedded in tendons or ligaments. They regularly occur below the head of the first metatarsal on both sides of the tendon of the flexor hallucis longus muscle. D

Ossa Sesamoidea

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