Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

14 Posterior (dorsal) longitudinal fasciculus.

Fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis [[Schütz]]. Cranial continuation of a large portion of the ventricular fibers. In the midbrain they lie close to the cerebral aqueduct and connect the hypothalamus with the rest of the brainstem. B

15 Mamillotegmental fasciculus. Fasciculus mamillotegmentalis. Dissectible fiber bundle betweenthemamillarybodyandthetegmental nuclei of the midbrain. It arises as a common trunk together with the mamillothalamic fasciculus and branches off into the mesen-cephalic tegmentum. B

16 Mamillothalamic fasciculus. Fasciculus mamil-lothalamicus. It arises together with the mamil-lotegmental fasciculus and passes to the anterior thalamic nuclei. B

17 Fornix. It conveys fibers from the hippocampal formation to the medial thalamic nuclei and hypothalamus, and projects fibers to the lateral nuclei of the mamillary body. B

18 Fibers of stria terminalis. Fibrae striae terminalis. Fibers from the amygdaloid body which communicate with the stria terminalis in the hypothalamus. B

19 Medial prosencephalic fasciculus. Fasciculus prosencephalicus medialis. Fibers lying between the medial and lateral hypothalamus. They connect individual hypothalamic nuclei with one another and continue toward the occiput in the posterior longitudinal fasciculus. B

20 Hypothalamohypophysial tract. Tractus hy-pothalamohypophysialis. Bundle of neu-rosecretory fibers that arises after the union of the fiber groups from the supraoptic and para-ventricular nuclei. B

21 Supraoptic fibers. Fibrae supraopticae. Fibers that arise in the supraoptic nucleus. B

22 Paraventricular fibers. Fibrae paraventricu-lares. Fibers that arise in the paraventricular nucleus. B

23 Supraopticohypophysial tract. Tractus su-praopticohypophysialis. Fibers that arise in the supraoptic nucleus and form part of the hy-pothalamohypophysial tract.

24 Paraventriculohypophysial tract. Tractus para-ventriculohypophysialis. Fibers that arise in the paraventricular nucleus and form part of the hy-pothalamohypophysial tract.

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