Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

17 Transverse temporal sulci. Sulci temporales transversi. Transverse furrows between the transverse temporal gyri in the floor of the posterior ramus of the lateral sulcus. C

18 Transverse temporal gyri. Gyri temporales transversi [Heschl's transverse convolutions]. 2-4 transverse convolutions in the floor of the posterior ramus of the lateral sulcus. Acoustic center. C

19 Superior temporal gyrus. Gyrus temporalis superior. A C

20 Temporal operculum. Operculum temporale. Part of superior temporal gyrus which covers the insula. A

21 Superior temporal sulcus. Sulcus temporalis superior. Cleft between the superior and middle temporal gyri. A

22 Middle temporal gyrus. Gyrus temporalis medius. A C

23 Inferior temporal sulcus. Sulcus temporalis inferior. Cleft between the middle and inferior temporal gyri. A

24 Inferior temporal gyrus. Gyrus temporalis inferior. A

25 Insula (insular lobe). Lobus insularis (insula). Originally exposed cerebral cortex overlapped during ontogenesis. It lies on the floor of the lateral cerebral fossa. B

26 Insular gyri. Gyri insulae. Gyri on the surface of the insula.

27 Short gyri of insula Gyri breves insulae.

Short gyri located in the upper portion of the insula. B

28 Long gyrus of insula. Gyrus longus insulae. Long horizontal convolution located below the short gyri. B

29 Limen insulae. Terminal portion of the insular directed anteroinferiorly toward the anterior perforated substance. It is covered by the middle cerebral artery. B

30 Central sulcus of insula. Sulcus centralis in-sulae. Cleft between the long and short gyri of the insula. B

31 Circular sulcus of insula. Sulcus circularis in-sulae. Limiting furrow of the insula. It is interrupted by the limen insulae. B

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