Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

14 Caroticotympanic arteries. Aa. caroticotym-panicae. Slender arteries extending from the carotid canal to the tympanic cavity. C

15 Pterygoid branch. Ramus pterygoideus. Branch that accompanies the nerve of the pter-ygoid canal in the lateral wall of the sphenoid sinus. C

16 Cavernous part of internal carotid. Pars cavernosa. Segment in the cavernous sinus; it extends up to the vicinity of the optic canal. C

17 Basal tentorial branch. Ramus basalis ten-torii. Branch of ICA that extends across the petrosal ridge to the tentorium. C

18 Marginal tentorial branch. Ramus marginalis tentorii. Branch of ICA located near the ten-torial notch. C

19 Meningeal branch. Ramus meningeus. Branch of ICA that supplies the dura mater of the middle cranial fossa. C

20 Branch to trigeminal ganglion. Ramus gan-glionis trigeminalis. C

21 Nerve branches. Rami nervorum.

22 Cavernous sinus branch. Ramus sinus caver-nosi. Twig from the cavernous part of the ICA. C

23 Inferior hypophysial artery. A. hypophysialis inferior. It supplies the posterior lobe of the hypophysis. C

24 Cerebral part of internal carotid artery. Pars cerebralis. As the terminal intradural segment, it extends from the exit of the ophthalmic artery at the last bend of the carotid up to the terminal branches that form the anterior and middle cerebral arteries. C

25 Superior hypophysial artery. A. hypophysialis superior. It supplies the hypophysial stalk, in-fundibulum and part of the lower hypothalamus. C

26 Clival branch. Ramus clivi. Branch that supplies the clivus. C

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