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17 Basilar artery. A. basilaris. Unpaired, thick trunk that extends from the right and left vertebral arteries to its termination as the posterior cerebral arteries. A B D

18 Anterior inferior cerebellar artery. A. inferior anterior cerebelli. It supplies the anterior part of the inferior surface of the cerebellum. B D

19 Labyrinthine artery. A.labyrinthi [ramus meatus acustici interni]. Branch of the anterior inferior cerebral artery (or basilar artery) that accompanies the vestibulocochlear nerve into the inner ear. B D

20 Pontine arteries. Aa. pontis. Branches that supply the pons. B D

21 Mesencephalic arteries. Aa. mesencephalicae.

22 Superior cerebellar artery. A. superior cere-belli. It passes around the mesencephalon and through the cisterna ambiens to the surface of the cerebellum below the tentorium. B D

23 Posterior cerebral artery. A. cerebri posterior. Terminal branch of basilar artery. It supplies the occipital lobe and 2/3 of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum. BCD

24 Precommunical part of posterior cerebral artery. Pars precommunicalis. Short trunk which extends up to the entrance of the posterior communicating artery. B

25 Posteromedial central arteries. Aa. centrales posteromediales. Branches in the posterior perforated substance that supply the thalamus, lateralwallofthirdventricleandglobuspallidus. B

26 Postcommunical part of posterior cerebral artery. Pars postcommunicalis. It is that portion followingtheposteriorcommunicatingartery.It curves around the mesencephalon and passes through the cisterna ambiens and tentorial notch to the inferior surface ofthe cerebrum. B

27 Posterolateral central arteries. Aa. centrales posterolaterales. Individual branches that supplytheposteriorportionofthethalamus,the quadrigeminal plate, pineal body and the medial geniculate body. C

28 Thalamic branches. Rami thalamici. Branches to posterior portion of thalamus. C

29 Posteromedial choroid branches. Rami choroidei posteriores mediales. Branches in the roofofthe third ventricle. C

30 Posterolateral choroid branches. Rami choroidei posteriores laterales. Branches that supply the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle. C

31 Peduncular branches. Rami pedunculares. Branches that supplythe cerebral peduncles. D

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